Following our ʻFilthy Vaalwaterʼ article in the August newsletter we had an interesting and constructive meeting with Edwin Mogoane Head of Waste Management Modimolle and LEDETʼS Silas Makhukho and Nozi Molteno. Mr Mogoane laid out the municipalityʼs plans for Vaalwater, and promised urgent action. However some of the plans will be delayed by budgetry constraints and will only be implemented in the new financial year. We wait with bated breath - but will continue to monitor the situation especially with regard to the litter.


Sporting Greats


Siblings Ben, Josh and Lily Baber all represented Limpopo in the National Schools Mountain Biking Championships and have been awarded Provincial colours. Lily and Josh were both winners of their age group in the Provincials and Ben missed by one point! Dave and Simone could start their own team!!


Local Karate expert and Pilates teacher Tina Du Toit was awarded her Second Dan by the Japanese Karate Association and in a double whammy, at a ceremony held at the Nylstroom Karate Club, she won the award for Best Ladies Karateka.


Museum work continues 


Work has re-started on Clive Walkerʼs Living Museum project, entailing construction of the Reception Centre, Rhino Museum and Cultural Village, situated in three different garden settings as part of the Botanical Gardens concept. The main gate just off the Vaalwater road has now been completed. All structures are low profile and off the grid. Rain water tanks will be added in due course. Work on the Conference Centre, Library and Herbarium will commence in January 2016.


Closed Doors


US hunters and the South Africaʼs Dept. of Environmental Affairs are meeting behind closed doors at a resort near Polokwane to plan the future use of Africaʼs wildlife. 


JOURNALISTS HAVE BEEN TOLD THEY ARE NOT WELCOME at the meeting hosted by the SA government in collaboration with pro-hunting groups from the US. Why no journalists allowed, what could be so secret? Courtesy Don Pinnock Daily Maverickʼ

The annual game census at WNC member Antʼs Nest and Antʼs Hill in the Waterberg allows guests to get involved in reserve management and is perfect for horseback riders. 

Clive Walkerʼs new book ʻRiver of Gold” is now available from WNC member The Black Mamba in Vaalwater. As soon as we receive a copy we will be writing a review, but already the word is out that this book is a must for anyone interested in the area and indeed anyone interested in Africa. Leading book fundi, broadcaster Jenny Crws Williams has already issued a rave! The Black Mamba will be hosting a signing session with Clive (date to be advised)

Emoya Big Cat Sanctuary in Vaalwater created international news, taking-in 33 ʻdamagedʼ lions from South American circuses and other establishments.

....and many sore riders!  At the end the riders looked tired but still managed to rise a smile. The Waterberg Challenge was a huge success raising substantial funds for the Waterberg Charities supported by the Waterberg Trust. Well done to WNC member Ant and his team ----- and of course all the riders.

Work proceeds apace on this important and ambitious project - to date the Rhino Museum and the three cultural history museums in the style of a village wth brick and thatch are complete and work on the brick work on the main centre, office/kitchen/shop and toilets is nearly finished.
Stephen Leonard of Bush Baby Maintenance is currently installing the glass doors for the rhino museum and the museum of memory.
Great news all now going according to schedule.