.A fascinating and controversial subject. Around the world hunting has always been a subject for heated and emotional discussion. 

At our April meeting we had three knowledgeable, experienced and most interesting speakers - Peter Mills, Adri Kitshoff Botha and Ant Baber - all are hunters and passionate conservationists - in their view, there is no contradiction in being both.

As Peter Mills said hunting has no negative impact on our natural environment and the species in it, confirmed by Adri who pointed out that whereas in 1960 there were approximately 575,000 herbivores in South Africa, today that figure has risen to 6 million on private land alone, add the national parks and reserves and the figure is much higher!

All three speakers emphasised that hunters have a responsibility to act ethically and it is up to the hunting fraternity itself to weed-out unethical practices.

All felt that proceeds from hunting should be ploughed back into conservation, promoting biodiversity.

Then there are the economic factors - the EWT wildlife ranching report in this newsletter makes interesting reading and perhaps should be read in conjunction with this article.

It should be emphasised that the writer is not a hunter nor has he ever hunted, however after 7 years in the Waterberg understands the value and importance of controlled ethical hunting in Conservation.


Philip Bronkhorst gave a short talk explaining CatSpotterʼs aims and objectives: CatSpotter is intended to assist research companies and institutions with data on Africa's predator species. The aim isto make this information available to government institutions and valid research projects to show the value of independent data collection, by assisting 

The Braai and More

The formal part of proceedings ended at 4pm moving smoothly into a lively social event with a braai (thanks Brad and Wayne) and a well supported bar - this social part of our meetings allows plenty of time for ongoing discussions among members on the many matters affecting the Waterberg.

The Tasting Table

WNC member Heidi Carlton displayed and offered tastings of her Waterberg Heatwave sauces and chili products and was very well supported <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.> WNC member Corne Du Plessis <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.> then stepped-in and auctioned some of Heidiʼs products with the proceeds going to Hunterʼs Care.

Report and Images: Robin Taylor April 2016