Waterberg Nature Conservancy

The Waterberg Nature Conservancy (WNC) was started in 1989 by Clive Walker for Waterbergers to communicate, meet and assist each other, and to help those who live in and have an interest in the Waterberg.  Living in this stunning area is very rewarding. As a member of the WNC, information sharing, help and a sense of community is never far away.

From its early beginnings with only a handful of members, the organisation has grown its membership substantially. The core principles however remain the same.

The Waterberg Nature Conservancy seeks to:
  • To conserve the flora, fauna, wilderness areas, historical sites, river systems and natural heritage sites in the Waterberg.
  • To promote and conserve the common interests of its members in the protection and conservation of wildlife, flora, fauna and wilderness qualities of the Waterberg.
  • To keep members informed of legislation regarding the environment.