Executive Committee of Waterberg Nature Conservancy

The WNC, steered by its volunteer Executive Committee (EXCO) to follow the WNC constitution, not only retains these core principles, it keeps members informed on relative research and legislation.

The idea of the WNC is that people can feel part of this area and be kept informed of what’s going on; our newsletter called “whatsUp!” is electronically sent about every 6 weeks.

There are five general meetings a year at which members and their guests are entertained and enlightened on a wide variety of topics by local and visiting speakers.  Meetings are concluded with a braai when matters of mutual interest are discussed whilst socialising over refreshments.

We realise of course that it’s not always feasible for members to get to these meetings, but being a part of the WNC is not just about that, although we do love to see as many members as possible

Executive Committee 2024
  • Robin Taylor
  • Sue Walker
  • Jessica Babich
  • Peggy
  • Marilize Greyling
  • Margerie Aucamp
  • Mashudu Makhokha
  • Bronwyn O’Connell Maree
  • Moji Kitsi
  • Boitumelo Maluleke