Creche Teachers Training Project

In March 2018, the WNC identified the real necessity for very young children to be stimulated and taught properly and meaningfully to give the basis for early childhood development to prepare them for formal education.

To be able to do this WNC is very fortunate to by “partnered” by the Waterberg Academy and their crèche teachers, one of whom trains crèche teachers, mostly from Leseding, once a month at the Academy.  These crèche teachers voluntarily attend the classes which are well attended.  The WNC sponsors the Academy teachers and buys educational teaching materials vital for successful training.  Additionally, WNC has bought other most needed materials like bead shapes, wild animal counters, etc. and books.  These have been directly distributed to the various crèches.

A wonderful spin-off from the crèche teachers receiving additional tuition is that they feel they are now in a position to follow through with this and many of them have applied to achieve more qualifications with the Government Educational Department.  So not only are the youngsters benefiting from better teaching, the teachers themselves are benefitting and improving their own credentials.

November 2018, WNC held a coffee morning at Zeederberg Cottages for the crèche teachers and they were presented with attendance certificates.  Another such event will happen in November 2019.

The last session of this project was in February 2020, but due to Covid 19 and lockdown, the project actually reached its natural conclusion.  However, the WNC will continue to fund environmental education projects.

Other Projects WNC Supported

June 2018 Donation to Endangered Wildlife Trust for the “Waterberg” wild dogs

June 2018 Donation to Lapalala Wilderness School for World Environmental Day to assist them in educating and entertaining hundreds of school children from the Waterberg area

August 2018 Donation of cleaning materials for Mayor Marlene van Standen’s Clean-Up Vaalwater campaign

August 2018 Donation to Dorset Police Station for holding a Women’s Support Network day

September 2019 Donation to Waterberg Tourism for their indigenous and water friendly tree/shrub project in educating people, especially children, in the importance and usefulness of trees

September 2019 Donation to Lapalala Wilderness School to buy study aids/textbooks for a prize at the LWS World Rhino Day children’s public speaking competition

From March 2018 and on-going sponsorship of the Teach Crèche Teachers to Teach programme

Family Day Fundraising Picnics

In the month of September in 2017, 2018 and 2019 WNC held family day picnics with

Funds raised going towards the Education Fund – part of this programme is The Teach Crèche Teachers To Teach Project.

All these events were very successful happy days but would not have been so without the wonderful support of sponsors of raffle prizes and auction items:

Ant Baber; Ant’s Hill, Zeederberg Spar; The Rhino Run – Van Loveren Wines; Waterberg Heatwave; Painted Wolf Wines; Bullseye Taxidermy; Waterberg  Slaghuis & Deli; The Reikerts; Bosveldsrus Chickens; Bee Living; Mackouwkuil; Gustav Collins; Lindani Lodges; Adventures With Elephants; Clive Walker; The Heals; Robin Taylor.

The generosity of Sue & Alan Jarman of Matamba Bush Camp (in 2017, 2018) and Shelley Zeederberg of Zeederberg Cottages (2019) for the use of their beautiful venues.

At the picnics there were various stall holders and music makers, security dog display, many willing helpers, not least of who was the WNC Executive Committee.  We applaud and thank them all.