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Waterberg News, Happenings and events October 2021… The Ground Hornbills have landed at the Living Museum, first ones ever in the Waterberg, educational tours for children, Lapalala wildlife videos, a brilliant new book and more.

Prof Nigel Barker (Department of Plant and Soil Sciences, University of Pretoria) and a large multidisciplinary team have been awarded R4.5 million over of period of three years to conduct research on the biodiversity of the Waterberg Mountain Complex. WNC EXCO member Marilize Greyling explains what this very important research is all about and what it means to us.

Waterberg News, Happenings and Events May 2021 … The WSI (Waterberg Security Initiative), Waterberg Living Museum, Security, Wild Dogs ( Lycaon pictus) in the Waterberg, Waterberg Biosphere, Sue, Snake and Shoe, etc …

Waterberg News, Happenings and Events February 2021 … Lapalala Wilderness School, The Waterberg Wild Dog Initiative, WSI Virtual FundraisingAuction, Great news from The Waterberg Academy, Tambotie Overyssel Ondersteunings Groep etc…

The Waterberg is essentially reliant on tourism – photographic,
hunting, archeological and cultural and our many lodges and
guest houses have been hard-hit by the ban on both interprovincial and foreign travel. With the local travel ban lifted it is
encouraging to see the flood of Gautengers and others …

Waterberg News, Happenings and Events December 2020…
Museum Opening, Birding Big Day, Waterberg Tourism During And Post Covid, WNC AGM, Ride for Rhino 2021, The Living Museum etc…

While maintaining its emphasis on high scholastic standards Waterberg Academy Head, Vernon Rorich, recognizing the importance and relevance of environmental education has developed an advanced curriculum incorporating conservation and is currently
implementing this programme.

In spite of the lockdown, things are still happening in the
Waterberg and people are finding different ways of doing
things, many working from home. In case you missed our special mailing here is a chance to see babooner Reilly Mooney’s video presentation of the fabulous work she and Melia Markham did with the Swebeswebe baboon troop.

Tourism is the life blood of the Waterberg! No tourists, no lodges, no hunting, no activities, no money, no goods or services, no employment! We cannot allow tourism to become a Corona-victim!
Shouldn’t we rather look at this as an opportunity to do the housekeeping, maintenance and refurbishments we’ve been putting on hold?

A New Year so I thought we’d kick off with a fresh look, and open our first whatsUp! of 2020 with the report on the AGM, our last meeting of 2019. Reports by the seretary and chair showed the WNC in a healthy position with further plans to expand the ‘Teaching the Teachers’ programme.

Good news edition
Book Launch
New Game Lodges
WNC Picnic Fund Raiser
WNC Teaching Teachers
STWR Anti-Poaching Event
STWR & Conservation

whatsUp! July/August 2019

Waterberg Tourism Launched!!
Top Awards For Waterberg Lodges
Books For Leseding Creches
WNC Landowner Workshop
Vaalwater Library
June General Meeting
Support for the Lapalala Wilderness School

whatsUp! May/June 2019

Art Exhibition
Conservation Education
Taking Care Of Our Old Waterberg Trees
Poaching – An Escalating, Never Ending Battle
The Spekboom FoundationThe Spekboom Foundation
Creche Training
Waterberg Tourism

whatsUp! February/March 2019

Outstanding Achievment from the Waterberg Academy
Cheetah Cub Orphans Surviving On Welgevonden Game Reserve
Now Here’s a Story – Starting Young!
Only One Baobab Species On The African Continent
Another Successful Waterberg Trust Challenge Ride
Art And More In The Waterberg